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EL-METBL   13" Metallic BLUE Glitter Lamp
EL-ROCLB   16" Blue LAVA Lamp
EL-CRAYO   16" PINK Crayon LAVA Lamp *NEW*
AL-BL-24   24" Bright - Black light with tube & fixture
EBK-400   400w Super High Output Black Light
AL-BLTWIST   60 Watt Flourescent Blacklight Bulb
FOG700   700 Watt Fog Machine
AL-MB8RS   8" Conical Stand Mirror Ball
85/1369   8" LED Revolving Mirror Ball
MBK-1   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit
GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Gobo Projector
MOVING-HEAD-GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Moving Head Gobo Projector
AL-DISCOKIT   Adkins Pro Lighting LED Disco Party Bulb Kit
670469   Asylum Bloody Fingers
71757   Bag of Rats
241498   Battery Operated Spooky Eyes Lights
68612   Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape
241168   Black and Bone Room Decoration Kit
670360   Black and Bone Value Pack Foil Swirl Decorations
220288   Black Leaf Garland
24481G   Blacklight Led Strobe Box
17114   Bloody Soap
75038   Bloody Unrestroom Door Sign
360214   Boneyard Black Leaves Fabric
190524   Boneyard Cutouts - Paper with Glitter
190525   Boneyard Yard Stakes
Bubble Machine   Bubble Machine
19171   Captain America Light Up Pumpkin
450058   Car Glass Grabber
241155   Cemetery Door Decoration
670477   Cemetery Pop-Up Coffin
670449   Cemetery Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit
241184   Character Cup String lights
70419   Creepy Baby Doll
120193   Creepy Carnival Side Show Banner
199973   Cute Characters Mega Value Pack
19070   Darth Vader 6 inch White Pumpkin
69000   Desert Mold Brain
AL-DISM8   Disco Mirror Ball
240505   Eyeball Light String
190296   Family Friendly Feather Flag Yard Stake
670459   Family Friendly MVP Foil Swirl Decorations
670460   Family Friendly VP Foil Swirl Decorations
670444   Field of Screams Glass Grabber
MINI-FOG-500   Fog Machine - 500 Watt Mini Fog Machine with Remote
LASER-FOGGER   Fog Machine Laser Combo - Red - Green Laser and 500 Watt Fog Machine in one unit
Moon-Fogger   Fog Machine Moonflower Combo - DJ Party Lighting and 500 Watt Fog Machine in one unit
LED-Fogger   Fog Machine with Multi Colored LED Lights - 400 Watts - LED RGB Lights - DJ Party Lighting and Fog
F-SCENTS-AP   Fog Scents - Apple
F-SCENTS-LE   Fog Scents - Lemon
F-SCENTS-MU   Fog Scents - Musk
F-SCENTS-PE   Fog Scents - Peach
F-SCENTS-RU   Fog Scents - Rum
F-SCENTS-ST   Fog Scents - Strawberry
F-SCENTS-VA   Fog Scents - Vanilla
6692   Freaky Fabric Bloody Prints
FW9342-1   Friendly Ghost Door Cover
SFG   Gallon Snow / Foam Fluid
241002   Ghost Paper Lanterns
R2323   Giant Super Web - Green Glow
6825   GRANDE LAVA Lamp - Yellow Lava / Purple Liquid
Ground Fog   Groung Fog Fluid - Low-Lying Fog Juice for Mister Kool or Ground Fogger - 1 gallon
227522   Halloween Caution Tape
670193   Halloween Decorations Wall Decorations
210808   Halloween Glitter Banner - Be Very Afraid
679467   Halloween Hanging Swirl Decorations
129401   Halloween Personalized Lawn Banner
190283   Halloween Pumpkin Lawn Bags
240362   Halloween Room Decoration Kit
671300   Halloween Value Pack Swirl Room Decorations
18906   Hanging Horror
220130   Happy Halloween Gel Cling
53282   Head in Laboratory Jar
81732   HELP ME Shower Curtain
76842   Hidden Ghost Face Lantern
76841   Hidden Pumpkin Face Lantern Motion Activated
BUB/G   High Quality Bubble Juice
Fog Juice   High Quality Fog Juice - 1 Gallon - Best Seller!
Fog Juice 4 Pak   High Quality Fog Juice - 4 Gallon Case - Best Seller!
64772   Horror Hands Lawn Stakes
19187   Hulk Light Up Pumpkin
28081   Hulk Porch Light Cover
2430   Ice Lite Battery Powered Lava Lamp
19172   Iron Man Light Up Pumpkin
64127   Jean Leggings - Grunge
64127-0002   Jean Leggings - Grunge - Medium
64127-0001   Jean Leggings - Grunge - Small
64125   Jean Leggings - Hippie
64125-0002   Jean Leggings - Hippie - Medium
64125-0001   Jean Leggings - Hippie - Small
19205   Kylo Ren 6 inch Orange Pumpkin Light Up
2124   LAVA Lamp - Yellow Lava / Blue Liquid
LED-Bubble-Machine   LED Bubble Machine - Lights Up Changing Colors to the Beat of the Music as it Makes Lots of Bubbles. Great for Birthday Parties.
DiscoPartyBulb   LED Disco Party Bulb
LED-Magic-Ball   LED Magic Ball Light Effect
LED-Mini-Moon   LED Mini Moonflower Effect RGBW LEDs
Al-RMB5   LED Revolving Mirror Ball
LED-Super-Strobe   LED Super Strobe - Battery Powered Mini Strobe - Adkins Professional Lighting
70932   Light Up Ghostly Group - Small
77060   Light Up Grumpy Zombie Hanging Prop
19158   Light Up Pose-N-Stay Skeleton
93637-2   Metal Sign - Monster Parking Only
51021   Mickey & Friends Wall Stickers
570200   Midnight Lace Mantle Scarf w/Orange LED Lights
Al-MBMBO   Mirror Ball Motor - Battery Powered
190297   Modern Halloween Feather Flag Yard Stake
36549   Mortuary Sign
7208   NEW!! - 14.5" Lava Aquarium Bubble Lamp
7295   NEW!! - Electro Plasma - LAVA Brand $19.99
25/110   Non-Flammable Stretchable Spider Webs
56372G   Outdoor Spot Light with Strobe Effect
FW91119   Pop Open Color Changing Ghosts
FW9342-2   Pumpkin Happy Halloween Door Cover
240668   Pumpkin Lantern Electric Light String
FW9342-5   Pumpkin Vines Halloween Door Cover
89386   Razor Wire
28022   Severed Beach Bum Foot
28023   Severed Jogger Foot
AL-SKULLBALL   Skeleton Skull 8" Disco Mirror Ball
Snow400   Snow Machine - High Output w/Remote
AL-SM600   Snow Machine 600 - Great snow machine that produces the illusion of real snow.
18320   Sparkling Pumpkin Porch Light Cover
18412   Spider Man Porch Light Cover
R2316   Spider Web - Pink
50200   Star Wars Party Garland
51005-1   Star Wars Window Cling - Princess Leia
51025-1   Star Wars Window Clings Darth Vader and Storm Troopers
51025-4   Star Wars Window Clings Darth Vader with Light Saber
51025-3   Star Wars Window Clings Storm trooper and Boba Fett
51025-2   Star Wars Window Clings Yoda - C-3PO and R2-D2
19071   Storm Trooper 6 inch Black Pumpkin Light Up
ThunderStrobe   ThunderStrobe - Simulates Thunder & Lightning - Great for Halloween Decoration
84310   Tinsel Spider Web
18695   Toe Tags
75140   Tombstone Chair Cover
EL-BLAC6   Ultra Violet 6" Blacklight Flashlight
UV-LED-BAR18   UV LED Black Light Bar - Super Bright High Output Ultraviolet LEDs - 18x3W - 54 Watts of Black Light
UV-LED-BAR9   UV LED Black Light Bar - Super Bright High Output Ultraviolet LEDs - 9x3W - 54 Watts of Black Light
670014   Wall Grabber - Skeleton Creature
469432   Witch Queen Table Runner
241149   Witch Room Decorating Kit
670441   Witch Value Pack Swirl Decorations
AL-STROBE   Xenon Stobe with Colored Filters
68765   Zombie Ground Breaker
190286   Zombie Lenticular Sign
66626   Zombie Warning Tape

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