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MB-12   12" Mirror Ball
MBKIT-12DUAL   12" Mirror Ball Party Kit - Dual LED Pinspots
MBKIT-12   12" Mirror Ball Party Kit - LED Pinspot
FOG1250   1250 Watt Fog Machine - W/Remote
FOG1250FogJuice   1250 Watt Fog Machine - W/Remote
EL-METBL   13" Metallic BLUE Glitter Lamp
EL-ROCLB   16" Blue LAVA Lamp
MBKIT-16DUAL   16" Mirror Ball Party Kit - Dual LED Pinspots
MBKIT-16   16" Mirror Ball Party Kit - LED Pinspot
EL-CRAYO   16" PINK Crayon LAVA Lamp *NEW*
MB-2   2" Mirror Ball 6-Pack
AL-BL-24   24" Bright - Black light with tube & fixture
MB-4   4 Mirror Ball"
AL-GF400   400 Watt "Ground Fog" Ice Fog Machine
AL-BLTWIST   60 Watt Flourescent Blacklight Bulb
85/1369   8" LED Revolving Mirror Ball
EM-8   8" Mirror Ball
MBK-1   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit
MBKIT-8B   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit - Battery Powered Motor
MBKIT-8DUAL   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit - Dual LED Pinspots
MBKIT-8   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit - LED Pinspot
GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Gobo Projector
MOVING-HEAD-GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Moving Head Gobo Projector
Holiday-Party-Bulb   Adkins Novelty Lighting Holiday Party Bulb
AL-DISCOKIT   Adkins Pro Lighting LED Disco Party Bulb Kit
VF-FLURRY   American DJ VF Flurry Snow Machine
Bubble Machine   Bubble Machine
AL-DISM8   Disco Mirror Ball
LED-Mini-Party-Light   Economy LED Mini Party Light - RGB
MINI-FOG-500   Fog Machine - 500 Watt Mini Fog Machine with Remote
MINI-FOG-500-Juice   Fog Machine - 500 Watt Mini Fog Machine with Remote and Fog Juice
LASER-FOGGER   Fog Machine Laser Combo - Red - Green Laser and 500 Watt Fog Machine in one unit
Moon-Fogger   Fog Machine Moonflower Combo - DJ Party Lighting and 500 Watt Fog Machine in one unit
LED-Fogger   Fog Machine with Multi Colored LED Lights - 400 Watts - LED RGB Lights - DJ Party Lighting and Fog
F-SCENTS-AP   Fog Scents - Apple
F-SCENTS-LE   Fog Scents - Lemon
F-SCENTS-MU   Fog Scents - Musk
F-SCENTS-PE   Fog Scents - Peach
F-SCENTS-RU   Fog Scents - Rum
F-SCENTS-ST   Fog Scents - Strawberry
F-SCENTS-VA   Fog Scents - Vanilla
SFG   Gallon Snow / Foam Fluid
6825   GRANDE LAVA Lamp - Yellow Lava / Purple Liquid
Ground Fog   Groung Fog Fluid - Low-Lying Fog Juice for Mister Kool or Ground Fogger - 1 gallon
AL-FLAHA   Hanging Flame Lamp
BUB/G   High Quality Bubble Juice
Fog Juice   High Quality Fog Juice - 1 Gallon - Best Seller!
Fog Juice 4 Pak   High Quality Fog Juice - 4 Gallon Case - Best Seller!
64127   Jean Leggings - Grunge
64127-0002   Jean Leggings - Grunge - Medium
64127-0001   Jean Leggings - Grunge - Small
64125   Jean Leggings - Hippie
64125-0002   Jean Leggings - Hippie - Medium
64125-0001   Jean Leggings - Hippie - Small
LED-Bubble-Machine   LED Bubble Machine - Lights Up Changing Colors to the Beat of the Music as it Makes Lots of Bubbles. Great for Birthday Parties.
LED-DISCO-LIGHT   LED Disco Light - Bluetooth - USB - Internal Speakers
DiscoPartyBulb   LED Disco Party Bulb
LED-Magic-Ball   LED Magic Ball Light Effect
LED-Mini-Moon   LED Mini Moonflower Effect RGBW LEDs
Al-RMB5   LED Revolving Mirror Ball
LED-Super-Strobe   LED Super Strobe - Battery Powered Mini Strobe - Adkins Professional Lighting
Al-MBMBO   Mirror Ball Motor - Battery Powered
7208   NEW!! - 14.5" Lava Aquarium Bubble Lamp
7295   NEW!! - Electro Plasma - LAVA Brand $19.99
AL-SKULLBALL   Skeleton Skull 8" Disco Mirror Ball
Snow400   Snow Machine - High Output w/Remote
ThunderStrobe   ThunderStrobe - Simulates Thunder & Lightning - Great for Halloween Decoration
UV-LED-BAR9   UV LED Black Light Bar - Super Bright High Output Ultraviolet LEDs - 9x3W - 54 Watts of Black Light
AL-STROBE   Xenon Stobe with Colored Filters

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