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Tombstones are the easiest Halloween decorations to use when decorating your yard or other areas outside of your home. Visit and choose from a large variety of tombstones along with many other Halloween decoration accessories to create a spooky or family friendly atmosphere.

You can set up a grand entry by placing larger tombstones in front of an archway or trellis; wrap stretchable spider webbing or creepy cloth down the sides and across the top, finish off your entry way by incorporating hanging spiders, smaller skeleton, and life like skulls along with a strobe light.

If you’re looking for something fun, pre lit tombstones can be a surprising delight for anyone brave enough to walk through the cemetery in your yard. A variety of headstones mixed with a low lying fog machine will create a supernatural feel to your Halloween decorations! Add cemetery grass, skeleton arm stakes, bats, rats and posable skeletons around the headstones to create a more natural look.

Even the simplest item can be spruced up to look like a fun and spooky Halloween decoration! Turn your plain square tissue box into a ghostly tombstone. Here’s how, take a piece of card stock; it can be your traditional gray or white. Make it fun with orange, green, yellow, or black. Use scissors to round the top of the card. On the front of the card you can write the traditional “R.I.P.” or get creative with a Halloween-inspired saying. After you are done with your headstone you can then glue it onto your tissue box. Puff up a tissue and it will look like a spooky specter. This is a great Halloween decoration craft for all ages.